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This is something that happened to me last week, and I can not stop thinking about it. I am constantly since it happened and my fatmomtube husband can not believe it when I asked for sex, to keep sometimes two or three times a day. We went shopping on Saturday for a bed for my daughter at a thrift store. We paid for a very nice wooden bed and told me that would be about 1 o'clock on Monday will be delivered. I called the office, which can not be in the afternoon, while waiting for a delivery. I have 36 years, about 5'4, size 12, curvy and beautiful. I think a little fat, but my husband loves the curves. I have some responsibilities in the home in the morning and was always ready for work around 12 o'clock. I had just taken a shower when someone knocked on the door. I looked out the bedroom window in the van to see the thrift fatmomtube store. I quickly threw on a robe and headed for fatmomtube the door. He had a coat and a couple of years ago I had the belt held together simply lost. itwas very short and consists of a silky white material. To find the door opened, a man about 60 years. He said he had the bed and was very early, because someone had asked for a later release. went to the car and began to perform the pieces in the house. I asked if I wanted and I said yes and showed him my daughter 's room. I could see how I looked, because I had not dried properly, and dress clung to my skin. I have very large nipples, after two children, and shown in part through the material. I felt a little uncomfortable, discouraged, but not surprising. As soon as all parts of the bed was up, he offered to put together and I said ok. I helped him keep the parts of the bed, as he bolted, without realizing at first that he could see everything, like my dress had slid open. He recovered and pretended I had not noticed. I knew that he, as I saw the funny way. Then he turned to at one time I saw him adjusting his pants and found he had an erection. While I was kneeling on his heels, fatmomtube he looked very good in my pussy. Interestingly, I had completely changed, not really, before realizing that I changed for indecent exposure. He came to my head at the foot of the bed at the end of fatmomtube the fatmomtube screw and was close enough to touch me, and I went to bed together. I realized that, accidentally, I had a couple of times when we worked in close collaboration and even let his hand touch the bottom. his playing became more and more apparent, until you actually touch the inside of my leg near my pussy. I was embarrassed to say nothing and continue as if nothing had happened. Is understood as a sign of encouragement, and suddenly put his hand directly on my pussy. I grabbed his hand and pushed him, but he insisted, and landed on the floor with him above me. He reached for his pants, opened it and pulled out his cock. I could feel the heat of it against my leg I think it was panotches at the moment, but could not understand the feeling of excitement I felt. He forced his legs between me and tried to get his cock inside me. I have tried to stop him, but he was very strong for his age, and failed, his cock in my pussy that was totally until the soaking time to receive. I could not believe that a 60 year fatmomtube old man was having sex with me. He put all his weight on me and pushed me inside and outside. I started to enjoy it very much and gave his body to me. He made me cum twice before hardening his body and let out a loud groan he was injected in me. It seemed to go to the ages and made ​​me cum again as I am to feel his cum out of me. was exhausted in me for years before he got fatmomtube up, adjusted his clothes, and sat down at the door. was on the floor about 15 minutes to think about what had happened. Even the shower before going to work, knowing that his cum was inside me. I can not believehad forced an old man to me, and I loved it. I never said anyone had to write about it.
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